Crestron partner


Crestron creates award-winning, leading-edge technology that’s geared around creating outstanding customer experiences. Creston’s fast, reliable, easy-to-use and program video solutions improve efficiency and productivity.  With Crestron, you’re not just buying top-of-the-line electronics. You’re investing in scalable and customisable solutions that come with 24/7 global service and support.

Marshall Broadcast and Pro AV partner

Marshall Electronics

Marshall Electronics has been supplying the broadcast and studio audio recording industries with revolutionary products for over 30 years. The newest division of Marshall Electronics, Marshall Pro AV Communications Technology, is dedicated to serving the growing needs of audio and video applications on the professional AV and UCC markets.

AXIS Communications partner


Axis provides a wide range of network video surveillance solutions, including cameras and encoders, Video Management Software and recorders, analytics and applications. The Axis IP-based portfolio ensures scalability and simplifies integration. Their experience with network video and audio, analytics and access control contributes to the protection of people and property, process optimisation and increased efficiencies.

Wolfvision partner


WolfVision is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative presentation, collaboration and knowledge sharing systems and solutions. Internationally renowned universities and businesses use WolfVision Visualisers, the optoelectronic presentation systems technology, and its associated integrated communications solution, vSolution.

Panasonic partner


The technology used on Panasonic OLED TVs combine engineering excellence with Hollywood expertise. Panasonic’s unprecedented collaboration with the film industry has meant they can work with the best in the business. The result? A television that truly delivers on the filmakers’ vision, providing crystal clear clarity to your office presentations.

Epson partner


Businesses, the education sector and large venues rely on Epson for the best in projection – for presentations, spreadsheets and animation. An Epson business projector impresses with vivid colours and unparalleled brightness. Epson projectors are equally at home when used at commercial signage or for décor applications.

Draper partner


From whiteboard concept to fielded systems, Draper engineers design, develop and deploy advanced technology solutions for government, commercial companies and academia. By building and field-testing working prototypes, Draper accelerates design iterations. Draper can complete small production runs, license intellectual property and transition technology for large-scale production.

ATLONA Connecting Technology partner


Since 2003 Atlona has been designing and engineering innovative end-to-end products for a range of commercial AV markets, including education, business, government, entertainment and healthcare. With Atlona, system designers integrators, consultants and installers can simplify installation, reduce maintenance and maximise the versatility of premier automated control solutions.

BARCO partner


Barco NV is a Belgian technology company that specialises in digital projection and imaging technology for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets. In a world where data and rich content and expanding exponentially, Barco empowers you with impressive visualisation and innovative collaboration solutions to help you make meaningful connections.

tvOne partner


tvONE’s UK-based research and development team is dedicated to creating and deploying reliable, top performance visual technology. With more than 30 years experience in the AV industry, tvONE has a proven track record for providing innovations that deliver exceptional customer experiences across a wide range of vertical markets.